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Yin & Pin

Ushering in the new season of growth and renewal by bringing the body back to balance with acupuncture and yin yoga!
Yin & Pin

Time & Location

Time is TBD
SoulScience Health & Wellness Center, 12850 Middlebrook Road Suite 200, Germantown, MD 20874, USA

About the Event


As we transition to the warmer months of spring, many may experience feelings of increased energy. After all, spring is the time of immense growth, renewal, and birth. Many of us may ride this wave of greater energy, but if we are already unbalanced (more “yang” or activity, than “yin” or rest), it may boost the imbalances in the body causing us to feel irritable, anxious, or maybe manifest as physical ailments. This 90 minute Yin & Pin workshop is designed to bring the body back to balance and alignment with “5 Element Acupuncture” and a deeply revitalizing yin practice.  

The Why?  

A multitude of studies have been published about the scientific benefits of acupuncture; some of which include joint pain relief (knees, low back, neck), a decrease in anxiety, depression, hypertension, menstrual cramps, nerve-related pain, and insomnia. The benefits are endless and can vary on an individual basis. Yin yoga is similar in that the benefits can range from more physical to more subtle. Yin yoga, anatomically speaking, gets into the fascia of the body because of the nature of the practice. In Yin yoga, you meet your edge of stretch, and then hold that pose for a longer period. This allows the fascia “to release” or “to unravel”, so to speak. This may increase circulation, reduce stress and tension, improve flexibility and mobility, and encourage mindfulness. To learn more about acupuncture or Yin yoga, give this workshop a try. It’ll be the perfect blend of education and relaxation!

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