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Yoga For Every Age and Every Stage

Just as adults benefit from meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, more and more research is showing that children benefit greatly from these practices, as well. Start your child on the right path by equipping them with the tools of mindfulness, self-awareness, self-love, emotional intelligence, focus and resilience. At SoulScience Health and Wellness Center, we are dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment where kids are free to just be kids. All of our teachers are required to go through a background-check prior to teaching classes.

SoulScience Health and Wellness Center provides the unique opportunity for the whole family to benefit from the practices of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation because the parent or guardian, and the child or children, have plenty of options in terms of classes, schedule, and pricing. Additionally, our kids classes and series are executed with intention and according to research-based curriculum. Students, and their parents, can expect to build upon foundations of mindfulness, movement and stillness, while having fun exploring the breath and observing its connection to movement, thoughts and emotions. This ultimately helps children be able to observe and describe their feelings better and gives them tools to work through more difficult feelings. 

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Navigating life with a new baby can be a journey in itself. Baby's needs have most likely moved to the front and center of all daily operations, which is normal as babies need and deserve extra care and attention. Often times, this means that when the focus shifts to baby, the needs of the caregiver(s) fall to the back-burner. This class is designed to celebrate the arrival of baby, and the positive life changes that come along with having a child. This class is also designed to give caregivers the tools to help navigate tough times that may pop up. After all, there is no true manual to caring for babies and raising children. 

Caregivers can expect a welcoming and safe environment with an emphasis on building a supportive, caring community. Caregivers will be led through gentle sequences designed to meet every body where they are. For the Mamas in the room, the focus will be on lovingly rebuilding and strengthening the core and pelvic floor muscles; as well as, providing everyone in the room a supportive space to move through any emotions and feelings that arise. Lastly, this is a class that, as a whole, serves as a great bonding experience between fellow caregivers, and between caregivers and their babies. 


Mahatma Gandhi once stated, “If you want real peace in the world, start with children.” Research continues to show that even at the early age of 1, children benefit from an introduction of yoga. Each year, the list of benefits grows longer to include: building strength, increasing mobility and balance, encouraging both spatial and greater body awareness, building confidence and self-esteem, improving concentration and focus, helping children to identify and navigate tough emotions by utilizing breathing techniques, and so much more! At SoulScience, we’ve created this series to maximize the listed benefits above while encouraging our tots, and their caregivers, to enjoy their time on their mats!

Caregivers can expect a 45-minute themed class where we will introduce toddler-friendly breathing techniques and tools, fun and simple yoga poses, engaging activities that support the theme, caregiver and toddler partner poses, and end with a guided relaxation. Please keep in mind that it may take the children a few classes, an entire series, or more, before they become used to the structure of the class. Our Yoga for Tots (and Caregivers) class is intended, like our Baby & Me class, to create a space for everyone to feel loved, welcomed, and safe to show up as they are. This class serves as an opportunity to form a supportive community for both caregivers and their children.   


An article published by Harvard Medical School states the following about the benefits of yoga for school-age children: “A growing body of research has already shown that yoga can improve focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behavior, and can even reduce anxiety and stress in children. Emerging research studies also suggest that yoga can help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by improving the core symptoms of ADHD, including inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. It can also boost school performance in children with ADHD.” As research continues to show the increasing benefits of yoga and mindfulness for children, the need for more yoga and mindfulness programs in and out of schools continues to grow. We, at SoulScience Health and Wellness Center, have witnessed this need first-hand; and as a result, we have created this class series and Yoga for Kids program.

Caregivers can expect a class designed to give kids the tools to increase focus, memory, confidence, balance, strength, body awareness, and more. The class will start with a mindful, themed activity to give children the chance to arrive and be present. We will then encourage the kids to join in for themed and age-appropriate breathwork, yoga poses, and partner play (we do this so that kids can build upon their social skills). Lastly, we invite the children to end with a themed, age-appropriate meditation to help build concentration, compassion, and self-awareness.


Perhaps one of the most significant and transformative times in a child’s life is the preteen to teen years. The immense growth that takes place during these years happens on so many levels. For instance, Dr. Marlynn Wei, in an article for Psychology Today, writes “the prefrontal cortex is the area behind the forehead and is known as the 'CEO of the brain' for its ability to plan, organize, and regulate mood. The development of the prefrontal cortex gives you the ability to concentrate and think, rather than act on impulse, and is critical to being successful throughout life stages—whether in academics, career, or relationships.” She continues to explain that the “second spurt of synapse formation occurs right before puberty, around age 11 in girls and 12 in boys… [therefore] yoga during this time can help teens cultivate 'executive functions' or the important skills of creativity, flexibility, self-control, and discipline”. It is for these reasons that we are beginning to see the implementation of yoga and mindfulness, for this age group, in schools and other settings. Dr. Martin, the owner of SoulScience Health and Wellness Center, started the center with this specific age group in mind. She has seen an alarming shift over the last few years noting a large uptick in children of this age with depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies. Thus, creating a program and class series for preteens, in order to give them the tools to navigate the tremendous growth they experience, was one of our top priorities as a center. 
Preteens can expect a safe and welcoming environment. The start of class will consist of a themed (and intention-based) mindful activity of their choice – it can be journaling, drawing, scrapbooking, molding, etc. – so that they can ground into the present moment and prepare for age-appropriate meditation and breathwork. They will then be encouraged to participate in themed yoga postures that also invite opportunities that help cultivate focus, balance, strength-building, mobility, flexibility, confidence, compassion, and awareness. There may be some opportunities to work with peers in order to improve upon social skills, respect, compassion, and more. Lastly, the class will end with an age-appropriate period of stillness as students will have the choice to sit or recline in a resting pose. It is our hope that students leave feeling relaxed, rested, and restored in their resiliency to meet any challenges with the tools they have learned from this series. 


 FOR TEENS (AGES, 13-18)

There’s a staggering and deeply troubling statistic that Bernadette Fulweiler states in her article, “Mind & Body practices in the treatment of adolescent anxiety”. The article goes on to cite that “anxiety disorders are the most common adolescent mental health conditions in the United States, with approximately one-third (31.9%) of 13- to 18-year-old children suffering from clinical anxiety. In addition, 8.3% of adolescents with anxiety disorders experience severe impairment in their daily functioning”. What’s even more worrisome is that this statistic is from 2010; a decade later, and these percentages have almost doubled. Fulweiler also referred to an article published by the The New York Times magazine which noted the increase of adolescent anxiety is due to “academic pressures, physical and intellectual insecurities, cyber-bullying, and peer judgement on social media sites”.  Lastly, it’s worth noting that a large percentage of teens don’t get the help they need for their anxiety, depression, or even suicidal ideations. This is where yoga, mindfulness, and SoulScience Health and Wellness Center comes in. Dr. Martin, owner of SoulScience, started this journey to be able to help teens get the support they need. Yoga and mindfulness, backed by an increasing number of studies, is proven to minimize symptoms of anxiety and depression by helping to regulate emotions, inspire confidence, and improve upon general physical, mental, emotional health and wellness for teens. 
Teens can expect a safe and welcoming environment. The class will start with a themed, mindful, and intention-based activity to help teens arrive in the present moment. Class will then shift to a themed and age-appropriate guided meditation with breathwork. Keeping with the breathwork, the class will transition to a yoga practice utilizing yoga postures that inspire focus, creativity, confidence, strength, resiliency, flexibility, balance, body awareness, compassion, and self-love. Lastly, the class will end with more breathwork, light stretching with longer holds, and rest, all of which help to relieve tension in the physical, mental, and emotional layers of the body. It is our hope that the students leave feeling supported and strong, relaxed and resilient, compassionate and confident, as they move through these times of extreme growth and change. 



Program is being developed. 


Program is being developed. 

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Program is being developed. 

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