A Mindful Halloween

Can you believe it’s almost here! I feel like we were just getting back to school and now the night of trick or treating is arriving. Here are some helpful tips to keep in your minds as we embark on one of the most exciting nights of a child’s life!

1 Make good memories! Enjoy the process of dressing up, wishing others a happy Halloween in a cheerful manner, sharing treats with others, and remembering to say thank you for the treat.

2. Try not to overindulge. If your little ones do, consider a cup of organic chamomile tea. It is great for gassy colicky tummy aches and also relaxes the GI system and the brain for a good night sleep.

3. Stay safe! Have a proper flashlight or glow up necklace or bracelet, walk in groups and instruct your children to stay close by.

4. Set a time limit in advance with your kids of all ages. Trick or Treating should end by 8pm so that you have time to talk about the fun you had, eat some candy, brush teeth, and wind down with a story.

5. Once you have put the kids to bed, enjoy a quiet peaceful evening and treasure the day. As a mother of young adults, the time flies faster than you can imagine. I miss those days!


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