I wonder if many of you feel like the way that I do about change. If there is one thing that’s reliable, it’s CHANGE. At my age, I have learned that change is hard but it can be really good. Sometimes I go through change kicking and screaming. I dig in my heels and say I will not allow this change to happen. Inevitably, it will happen and when it does, how do I handle it? Key word RESILIENCE.

The American Psychological Association's Road to Resilience Initiative identifies 10 ways to build resilience:

Make Connections

Avoid seeing crisis as insurmountable problems

Accept that change is a part of living

Move toward your goals

Take decisive actions

Look for opportunities for self-discovery

Nurture a positive view of yourself

Keep things in perspective

Maintain a hopeful outlook

Take care of yourself

Of these my favorite is #1, make connections. Close friends and family can help you accomplish the other 9 ways to build resilience!

Peacefulminds Wellness Center has shifted to SoulScience Health and Wellness Center. This change is only possible through the vision and support of our team. I am excited to continue our adventure into January 2020 when we open our doors to welcome you, our community.


Dr. Misha Martin

Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

—John F. Kennedy

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