Well, we just added one more thing to worry about right?! Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that cause illness from a common to cold to more severe respiratory disease.  Coronaviruses are zoonotic, which means they are transmitted between animals and people.  In those who are immunocompromised such as the very young or elderly, this cold virus could develop into more serious infection like pneumonia.

There is no treatment for this virus.

However, we do have an arsenal of medicinal weapons to aid in prevention and recovery.  

1. Good sleep:  It makes sense of course, a rested person has a stronger immune system! So don't stay up late watching netflix, get to bed a little earlier to fight all the infections you may battle the next day.

2.  Good eats:  Fresh whole fruits and vegetables including those powerful immune boosting viral fighting alliums (garlic, onions) and herbs such as rosemary, thyme.  Make a weekly soup with a broth containing these fighting foods and throw in some powerful organic mushrooms.

3. Humidify the air:  A good clean humidifier can keep your nasal passages moist and keep this first line of defense against viruses in good working order.

4.Multivitamins!  A nice dose of vitamin D3, magnesium and zinc and can help stave off viruses.  Vitamin D deficiency can weaken the immune system.  Place the container where you can remember it, like maybe next to your toothbrush or car keys.

5.   Echinacea: well known for its immune boosting properties and a prized herb used by Native Americans.  Echinacea used to used quite commonly here in the US by the early settlers until the 19th century with the discovery of modern antibiotics such as pencillin.  I like the brand Traditional Medicinals Echinacea Tea because it has medicinal doses of the echinacea and is organic. 

You can find this brand at wegmans or whole foods.

6.  Wash up:  Always remember there is no substitue for washing hands thoroughly especially before eating.

Try not to stress too much about all of the worries of the world.  Fixating on all the "bad news" is no good for the mind-body health connection we promote at SoulScience Health and Wellness Center.  Please contact your doctor if you have any questions about you or your child's health.

-Dr Misha Martin

Pediatrician and Natural Healer

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