Screen Time

My mind has been on "screen time" as I prepare to show the film Screenagers: Age of Resilience next week to our community.

As a pediatrician of 20 years I have seen a rise in childhood obesity, depression, anxiety, and antisocial/unfocused behavior. What can we do to minimize the health ramifications of being on screens/social media/video games too much?

Consider limiting your own screen time and that of your family members to no more than 2 hours a day.

Ponder what hobbies or passions you might find for you and your family to try. Instead of screentime focus on those interests.

Put away digital devices for all family time activities including meal times, car rides and outings. These are perfect times to have deep conversations together. I love talking to my teens about life when I had them captive in the car!

Take screen-free days (a digital free holiday) and plan a weekend trip away or a trip to a museum. I am sure the improved connection will happen.

Put away all digital devices two hours before bedtime to aid in setting your circadian rhythm, releasing melatonin and preparing for sleep. In these hours you might read a book or play a board game with your family.

Let's take back kids and families from digital overload and increase emotional resiliency!

Come to Northwest High School on January 30th at 7pm for a free movie event regarding this topic; Screenagers: Age of Resilience.

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