Staying Well This Harvest Season

Staying Well This Harvest Season:

Halloween approaches and quickly leaves us doesn’t it? Then we are suddenly thrust into Christmas. What happened to Thanksgiving? It seems to me that it does not get the full attention it deserves. Why do I love Thanksgiving so much? Well, as part of quest towards helping my patients stay healthy mentally, gratitude is is a key factor in mental wellness and the push to becoming more mindful. Giving thanks makes one more empathetic and therefore more compassionate. We need more empathy and compassion in our world.

Consider celebrating Thanksgiving all month long by:

1. Keep a journal each night noting all the things you are grateful for.

2. Write a thank you note to a loved one or friend.

3. Thank the people around you who are just doing their jobs, but are taken for granted. Your mailman, Starbucks barista or crossing guard. You know who those people are!

4. Reach out to a really old friend who you may have lost touch with and thank him/her for being such a good friend to you way back when.

5.If you have children, become an example of gratitude to your children and thank your children any chance you get. It will promote self esteem and teach them how to express gratitude to others. Let them add to your gratitude journal for a fun family activity.

6. On Thanksgiving, read your gratitude journal and embrace the day with friends and family.

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