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Last Friday, we had a nice crowd for our evening Tai Chi (Taiji fit) class.  What an amazing activity for mind,body, and spirit to end a hectic week.   Harvard health likens it to "meditation in motion". Known as an Ancient Chinese martial art.

I told my husband afterwards, "hmm I feel very Zen". 

Did I balance my Yin/Yang, did I strengthen my Qi? I have no idea, but what I do know from my study of Integrative Medicine is this, I worked on "aging better" compared to what I normally do on a cold friday night (which is to throw on my Pjs and watch some TV as I fight the urge to fall asleep). 

Instead, I focused on my muscles during balancing movements.  The movements were so beautiful and graceful. I appreciated the way our bodies could synchronize in a calm rhythmic way, as our instructor led us gently through the motions, causing me to forget about everything except following her lead and guided imagery.  Improving balance, decreasing cognitive decline and osteoarthritis, lowering blood pressure, and enjoying the relaxed company of a really sweet instructor and other tai chi comrades.  That's a good Friday night! Tai Chi! Truly, it is "meditation in motion", but could also be coined, "MEDICATION in motion".

Come join us next time, beginners welcome! Sincerely, Misha Martin M.D. Empowering others to take charge of their health

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