What to do with bad news...

The year is starting off with a bang.  Many of my friends and patients are experiencing health problems from Influenza to chronic debilitating life ending diseases.  Then I turn on the news and the world seems to be in turmoil.  Pair these feelings with cold winter days, snow and school delays – it’s a recipe for deep winter blues.  What can we do when we can’t control the upheaval of the world?

Focus on what we can do.  Support those around you with any kind of encouragement you can give.  A kind word, a hug, a helpful hand, or even consider volunteer work.

When you find yourself focusing on world events, switch your attention to what is happening or what you are doing at that moment.  Staying in the moment will help you to leave the past but not focus too much on the future. 

Take care of yourself by eating healthy foods, sleeping well, and exercising or walking regularly.

Focus on spending time with friends, family, and your pets.  We need our community to help us through these tough days and emotions.  Close bonds and connection help us to live in the present moment.

Try relaxing through meditative exercises such as yoga, meditation, prayer or other spiritual practices.

We would love to help you in this journey at SoulScience Health and Wellness.  Come join our community. 


Dr. Misha Martin, Pediatrician and Integrative Practitioner

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