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Free Consults with Brenna

We offer free consultations for you and or your family in order to take the guess work out of finding which offerings best fit for you and/or your family's needs.

Yoga for Everybody & Every Body

What a boring world we would live in if we all looked and functioned the same. Fortunately for us, we are not robots and we live in a modern society that's becoming increasingly aware and attuned to physical, mental, and emotional needs of people of all ages and stages of life. At SoulScience Health and Wellness Center, we believe in offering services that are accessible for all bodies and abilities. Our Mobility, Stability & Strength Yoga class is the culmination of this belief. We wanted to bring together the best of what yoga has to offer in order to deliver a class that's welcoming, intuitive, modifiable, and informative. 

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Mobility, Stability & Strength Yoga

Vitality is often defined as the power to endure or a "capacity to live and develop". Life, age, and gravity can often be hard on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Our Mobility, Stability & Strength Yoga class was created to help relieve a little of the wear and tear that comes with life's ups and downs. This class is intended to guide students through a chair yoga practice with a focus on increasing mobility, flexibility, stability, strength, confidence, resiliency, and vitality. This class will leave individuals feeling surprisingly strengthened and connected to their bodies by the end of the practice! 



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